Thursday, July 28, 2011

Departing to EVO 2k11

Alright guys, I am departing to Las Vegas for Evo 2k11, wish me luck and root for me if you want some Ryu actions! Hope to see some of you people there! Good Luck to everybody


  1. Air , i'm sad to see that you didn't make it to the top 32 :-( , what happened ??!!!

    i didn't see an update on your blog for couple of days now, and i can't stop thinking that you are feeling down about it.

    just bounce back and cheer up, and shoryuken all the way.

  2. You are an awesome Ryu player,and i love to see your matches instead the f.... twins fever.
    Also congrats for the AMAZING Cross Counter guide...too cool man.
    Sorry about my crappy english,regards from Spain.