Thursday, July 28, 2011

Japan Training Trip Final Part

Sorry guys for taking so long to update my blog, I came back to Canada a couple days ago and been having weird sleeping time due to jet lag and I finally recovered. Ahh man…don’t remember most of my days in Japan already, lol…but I will try my best.

I remember this day, I had to meet up with another friend and eat dinner at his place and because of that I didn’t enter the SBO qualifier with Kim, therefore he entered with Misse (Ex SBO Teammate). According to Kim, they lost in semi and I forgot to who…but one thing interesting was that, Mov and Kuroda entered the qualifier. I wasn’t surprised to hear that MOV attended..but the 3rd strike god Kuroda as well?! Kuroda was using Ryu and beat some top players with pure reactions, and he had none of the match up EXP or tricks, all he did was SRK everything on reaction. From my guess, he probably played AE less than 10 times or something @@...I hope he mains this game (just because he uses Ryu) and he might have a chance to be a God in this game too.

Forgot which day again…but probably 3 more days before I return to Canada, and today I reached Master Rank at arcade AE ranking with less than 500 games played, so proud of myself achieving Master in AE with Ryu J. I remember back in the Vanilla, it took me over a year to reach Master rank and probably over 3k of games played on my card (I made more than 2 cards…so probably over 6k games played in total) and this time within one card, woohoo!

Don’t remember exactly…but as usual, Ramen ramen ramen ramen…..arcade arcade…go home..XBL XBL XBL until I auto pilot when I get too tired and past the fuck out and repeat my days.

So blah blah blah, it came down to my second last day of training. Woke up pretty late because I was dead tired….thinking about the days of training, I play 8-12 hours daily, it is insane..and back in Vancouver or when I used to study in Japan I play 8-10 hours WEEKLY, so in these 12 days, I played over 2 months worth of SF in my regular life and I didn’t enjoy it because like I mentioned on my facebook before…it’s like a JOB rather than a hobby now. But I guess that’s how it’s like when you are a sponsored player. There was another SBO qualifier today but I didn’t enter, to be honest there is no reason for me to entered because if I qualified, I have to return to Japan in September which is not really possible for me. I mean it’s possible, but I have to spend more $ which I have no extra to spare and I have to take another week or 2 from work and that will probably piss my boss off.

We arrived at Shinjuku Taito Station at around 5ish and met up with Kim. He didn’t qualify again and he haven’t eaten for the whole day, so right away we went for food at this high class looking restaurant serving high quality food for only cheap amount of price. Without a doubt, food was awesome and Kim told me that everybody wanted said good bye to me and they are all at Ikebukuro Safari (few stations away from Shinjuku), therefore Kim suggested that I should go there and farewell with them in person and that’s what we did in the end.

THERE WERE SOOO many players at Safari and I get to played a lot of players that I didn’t at this trip, I guess I got lucky since it’s my second last day J. I played Itabashi Zangief and if I didn’t remember wrong I beat him 2-1, Aojiru Guile (Balrog) 4-1, I also played –R- (aka ice0ageR) and I beat his Balrog 2-0 then his Adon 2-0 as well….also played Akahoshi (Zangief) 1-0 but lost to his friend’s T-Hawk (I have no idea how to fight in this match up @@). I played so many players that I can’t remember exactly who, but I lost a lot to Misse’s Makoto and a no name Yang. I remember the Yang player’s face, but I forgot who he used in Vanilla, but I remember he wasn’t even master rank L….which made me extra angry because I know I am the better player but losing to the f$%^^#g character, ARGHHH….Naruo (Ryu) on the other hand, he got raped a bit by Misse but then started winning, I learned a bit from him, however, Naruo also gets raped by any Yangs, we find that match up as worse as Fei long @@....and Kim thinks Yang is the best character in the game which I started to consider him as one. Alright, enough salt talk….

This is my last day of training, did a lot of house work before we got out of home. Shinjuku Taito station again as my last stop of training, the place famous for Yun Yangs Fei Long…not just that, Poongko was there that day and he started his card at the spot. I heard he had to connect flight to LA, so he had a day or so to stop by Japan…anyways, I only got to play him two games, and both sets were really close, and he was having an exhibition with a lot of Japanese players. The noticeable players were MOV (Ken), Kazunoko (Yun), FU*K YUN (Yun), Nekojita (Abel) and Fuudo (Fei Long). I don’t know the exact score between them, but I know Poongko won more matches than losing because he collected 10k bp when he left and from what I checked through the arcade ranking system, Nekojita and Fu*K Yun beat him more, went even with MOV and Kazunoko and beat Fuudo 2-0. Anyways, no more Poongko talk before he takes over my blog.

Since it was my last day, I played A LOT and I tried to play against every player and once again, I lost most to Makotos and Yangs….and I went from 36k bp -> 34k and that’s a lot of losses…and there were quite a few of players that I never played before as well. Lots of Ibukis and it’s such a hard match up in AE…and now when I think of it, I had no idea how the heck did I beat Iyo’s Ibuki @@. So, Fuudo arrived as well, and I wanted to watch Naruo play him (in case you guys don’t know, before Naruo quit Fei Long he was like #2 bp Fei Long) hoping I can learn something off him……….but nope, he got destroyed and he said this match up is impossible. On top of that, according to Kim, Naruo main Ryu when AE released (also since Vanilla) but gave up because of an exhibition against Mago’s Fei Long…..anyways, he then switched to his current main which is Yang, did better but still loses to Fuudo’s Fei Long. I also played Fuudo’s Fei Long but the match up is way too tough for me to win…lost 0-2. Hmmm…ok, I can’t remember what I did anymore this day, I just remembered after saying good bye to everybody, and farewell with my homie Kim, then caught on the last train, stopped by at a ramen restaurant before we head home and couple hours of XBL (couldn’t play more because next morning we have to wake up early to get to the airport) and that’s it for my training. Though 2 weeks wasn’t a lot of time, but I learned a lot about AE and I think I improved a lot!

I spent so much $ for getting this Bear from UFO catcher, ARGHH

Had so much fun in Japan and from my friend “Chaku”, he told me that there are Japanese people who uses google translator or some kind of translator and reads my blog ^^, very happy to hear that and hope to see everybody soon when I come to Japan next time.

Discovered this new song by Juju in Japan..and this song is so god like! this is the real MV link, but embed was disabled, enjoy and hope you guys will like it too


  1. Very good blog i enjoyed reading it

  2. Great blog update man, have you ever considered picking up an alternate character to counterpick your worst matchups (Fei, Makoto & Yang)?

    I think Bison & Rog do well against all three, they're pretty easy characters to use too, but I guess at high level you got to know your character inside out, they're charge characters and I don't think that's your thing as well :P.

  3. if you cant beat the twin, join them. hahahahaaaa muaahahahahaaaa. of all thing AIR get an alternate dude. I know you are all Ryu and stuff and I respect that but as a tournament player you should have options man. I main Fei Long but I rarely play him for the most part but I play other characters so as to get a feel of them so I can get an alternate (Vega for the time being).

    Scratch all that GOOD LUCK @ EVO and I pray you dont get to meet daigo or momochi or poongko till the finals.