Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hardest match ups in AE for Ryu

Just want to make a quick post about Ryu's hardest match up in AE, and YES THEY ARE IN MY OPINION and I don't want to explain further why they are until after EVO.

1.) Fei Long
2.) Yang
3.) Makoto
4.) Dhalsim
5.) Abel

From my training trip, these are the characters that I have less than 30% win ratio against and my opponents weren't all top top players, well, maybe I SUCK ASS but my friend who was one of the best Ryu "Naruo" also struggles against the same characters.

P.S Sorry to disappoint any people who follow my Ryu's replay, I haven't uploaded any of my wins in case people study my game play before EVO...therefore the replays you all see will be losses ^^.....However, after EVO more replays will be uploaded of me vs various top players.


  1. Makoto is a harder match up than Dhalsim? I guess once you do get close to Sim, he's pretty much defenseless. anyways, it'll be interesting to hear the details on that. but aside from game imbalances, things seem to be going quite well, right? well, good luck Air!!

  2. Go Air!!I'm a Ryu player also and i was glad to know that instead of switching mains you stayed with Ryu and just trained and studied all the different match ups!!Goodluck in EVO!!Whoop those twins A$$$#S