Monday, August 8, 2011

Evo 2k11 Trip Part 1:

Evo 2011

Part 1:

I am trying to remember my days while I am writing this..too much things happened on this trip and one thing I remember for sure is that THIS TRIP WAS A BLAST! I HAD SOOO MUCH FUN even though I didn’t perform too well at Evo L, but met lots of people and a lot of familiar faces, it was like a huge party J.
I remember clearly that Day 1 when I got off the flight, walked into the Rio, already a lot of gamers recognized me and I felt special J.

My friend from Vancouver also came along (though he plays SF, but he does not compete in tournaments. He was there just there to chill with the Vancouver crew + gambling who does not want his name revealed), lined up to check in for our room and then we bumped into our Vancouver crew. All of us were pretty hungry so we stopped lining up and went for some food right next to the reception, and they had a Chinese food court and a Deli. I don’t know why my friend chose the Chinese food…it was pretty tasteless in my opinion…o well.

Back to the lineup for checking  in and I think it took over 30 minutes until it was our turn, moreover, it took us OVER an hour to get our room checked in/registered because the receptionist told us that they had to do it manually due to computer broke down or some bullshit. Anyways…they gave us a free upgrade to a SUITE so I was like….hmm….alright I’ll take it!

We got to our room, and holy shit there was only 1 big fucking bed! ONE BED! 3 GUYS (Detrimantix, me and my friend), how the heck are we going to sleep and hell no I will sleep with a guy especially when there are rumors of me being GAY according to this resource à (And yah….both of them didn’t mind being in the same bed btw…) Thank god we called for the hotel service and we were able to get another 2 small beds in our room.

I took a quick shower so did my friend (and NO we did not take it together) and we were ready for some action (gambling). People recognized me when I was gambling as well and I was very surprised. I mean I am not @ some place where SF was related, I didn’t have my uniform, but I guess when you are living at the same hotel it’s not hard to tell.

We played all kinds of table games and at this game called “Three Card Poker” I hit a straight flush which was the biggest bonus @ this game and I bet $5 on the bonus so I got $200! I was extremely happy because all I had for this trip was $300 and now I have some extra cash to spend. It was sure my lucky day and I was smart enough to stop playing before I lose them all. Since my pool starts in the morning I didn’t want to stay up too late in case I have no energy to compete tomorrow, therefore I went back to my room and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. i am not here this time.. or else u r gonna gamble with me like last time LOL

  2. Sounds like you had a fun trip, any pictures or videos? :D

  3. @ek1ypze i didn't take much pix or videos, however my friends did and once they got those uploaded i will put it up here for part 2/3 etc. Stay tuned!