Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evo 2k11 Trip Part 2:

Evo 2011

Part 2:

I woke up 2 hours before my pool starts, and I was all hyped and stuff. My friend also got up and we head down to the venue together. On the way to the venue I was asked for pictures and autographs (should have charged!) until I reached to the line up where we get our badges. I forgot who exactly but by the time it was my turn to get my badge somebody told me that I don’t even need one to enter the venue…and I remember CLEARLY that whoever told me was somewhere in the line with me #%@#%#$^#^! However, I still took the badge, I didn’t want to line up for nothing…..anyways..I entered the venue and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and how organized the venue looked. Aside from the venue, what caught my eye was this decent Asian chick who was handing out tissues?...I think she was pretty cute (if you are the girl and you are reading this, wussup, lol). I don’t think my girlfriend will read this post or at least I hope she doesn’t @@....

While I was looking for my pool (I totally forgot which one I was in so I had to ask around to find out) and like every major tournaments, it’s never on time :/…so I used the time to check out the venue and talked to other players. During the free time I did multiple of interviews (sorry that I forgot your company’s name….) I remember this interview these guys made me said weird things on the camera -_-…but it was fun.

Finally my pool started, I took a glace of the players in my pool, there weren’t any familiar faces until Hugo101 came up to me and told me that he was in my pool. I was like meh…Bison is one of my best match up, I got this, I can make out of my pool as a winner. I fought all the way to winners final facing Hugo, like usual, I was up a set and a round, and in the end I choked and he came all the way back and I got put into losers…..You guys can’t imagine how salty I looked when I lost to him..I didn’t expect to lose to him especially when Bison is one of my best matchup..O God…then I began to worry that I can’t even make it out of my pool. At losers final I think I had to fight a Chun Li which I didn’t have problem beating, and as a result, I made it out of my pool as a loser. LOSERRRRRR, FUCKKK.

I started to lose confident (I was so confident that I can do well at EVO….) and I little bit salty, but I just had to forget about it and went to fill my stomach. However, since the next pool doesn’t start till 6pm, I had almost 6 hours to spare, I went to walk around (gamble) @ the strip with my friend. God damn it was hot and we couldn’t wait to walk in to some casino for A/C. We wanted to try variety of games that BC don’t have, and our plan was to win $50 off each casino. Since I am writing this post after a week of what happened, so I don’t remember the scenes exactly but the memorable ones and it was me winning over $300 within 15 mins at Flamingo casino in a game called “Mississippi Stud”. I was SUPER happy that I totally forgot about getting put into losers at EVO, lol.

It was about 5:30 pm, we took the cab and headed back to the Rio and back to my battlefield…..

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  1. It's awesome to see someone talk about their inside experience at EVO. Good stuff.

    - Tom Badguy