Thursday, October 20, 2011

Season’s Beatings Velocity: Day 1

Season’s Beatings Velocity

Day 1:

I actually arrived the night before, so this is actually my day 2, but since I didn’t do shit but sleep and ate at Cane’s the other night so I won’t bother writing about it.

I remember I woke up pretty around 3 PM since today is only Mvc3 day. Once I woke up I went to check out David “CCG|Detrimantix” because I remember him telling me that his pool starts around 2:30. I went into the venue (very nice venue by the way) to look for Dave, and he was playing on the stream. I quickly speed walked to where he is while watching the projector, he lost his first set before I get to him. I sat beside him and said calm down, you still got this no worries…then he told me that this is losers and he got put into losers by “FlashMetroid” therefore if he loses this last set he is eliminated.  I was extremely shocked and cheered for him the second set. David raped his opponent the second set but unluckily he couldn’t take the victory of the last set and got eliminated in the tournament. He was very salty of course, but it’s already a fact that he lost so he just got to accept it. We then and a friend who is a member of “Focus Fire” Gary, who came along with us to eat lunch (breakfast for me) at AppleBee’s!

After enjoying our meal, we headed back to the venue and wanted to get some games in to get used to the ps3 timing. However, there were only a money match setup that was crowded with people, and then two more casual setups that were also flooded with people. I guess I had no choice to watch people money match and luckily I was able to capture a couple of matches.


Later on in the night, all the Mvc3 setups were all turned into AE setups and I was pretty happy and hopped on one and played for a few hours of casuals/money matches until I was really tired then I went back to the hotel and sleep. I think I had the ps3 timing down since I barely dropped any combos during casuals and I am prepared for tomorrow’s top 32 qualifier!

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