Sunday, October 30, 2011

Season’s Beatings Velocity: Final Day

Final Day:

Sorry for taking so long to update this final part since it was my birthday + Halloween weekend, had to play hard.

Now here I am to share the last part of the event and I left off before the top 32 begins.

Started off getting in the venue and been invited to join multiple teams, but I already made a team with “Sabin” and “PerfectLegend” before the trip. However “Sabin” backed out saying that he doesn’t want to join teams no more and coincidently “Flash Metroid” didn’t have a team so we took him in our team instead. We won our first match then losing the next one to team “Korean Wolf”. We beat Laugh with an advantage of 3 vs 2, but Infiltration OCV us. Now we were put into losers we still managed to fight our way and placed 4th in teams by getting OCV by Tokido and as a result, our team basically lost to Akumas -_-.

Right after we lost the Team USA vs Team World exhibition started, it was pretty entertaining (Team World won by the way)

Then right away Top 32 started and my first match was against a Dhalsim player “Playing to Win”. I of course went to the dark side by using Yang and easily took the game. Then the next match was against Floe’s Yang which is one of Ryu’s hardest match up and I lost my first set of the match. I then thought of using Yang to face a mirror match but I wasn’t confident with Yang mirrors, therefore in the end I stuck with Ryu losing the final set and got eliminated from the tournament. I wasn’t salty/mad/disappointed or anything maybe because I know that there will be a new version coming out or something. Meh, I’ll just try harder next time.

With the remaining time of the event, without a doubt I was watching the whole Top 16 of AE and on top of that I was side betting with Justin Wong throughout the whole thing. I made $ off Justin and also found out that him and Ricky Ortiz do not practice in this game at all…….they only play/practice during tournaments. I think they became my idol after I got that response from the question.

Momochi took the tournament, congratz to him. I took the rest of the time playing casual/MM until the venue closes realizing that it was already 2 am without eating dinner. I went back to the hotel and took a shower then back to the venue (I actually helped packing up at the venue J), then we (all the top players/organizer) went to this Pizza place that opens 24hrs to eat.

Very fun trip/event, count me in next year.

P.S I have been told that my blog not just helped Ryu players but also helped other character users learning the match up against Ryu. Keep supporting :)


  1. Ah very interesting read! As for Justin and Ricky not practicing at all...hmmm. I know that's true but I also don't think that works for everyone. I mean, Justin's been around for so long in the scene that I can see why he doesn't practice, especially since he's focused so much on MVC3. Especially because when you look at who won..Momochi, we know he practices and plays a lot. Just something to think about! :D Thanks for the write up.

  2. yeh man, he also told me it's just experience and playing various fighting game def helps.

  3. P.S I have been told that my blog not just helped Ryu players but also helped other character users learning the match up against Ryu. Keep supporting :) > no wonder i have hard times playing against other character users, rofl~